10 February 2011


We are getting VERY close to moving into the house.  By the 25th we'll be fully moved in!  SERIOUSLY - and there is still so much work to do.  However, the bathroom is getting close to being finished...the tub works. No toliet yet.

Anyway - that room is NOT my dilemma right now.  My craft room is.  I love color and various color combinations, but trying to figure out the RIGHT one for the room, is becoming difficult.

So currently - the walls are painted Glidden "Wood Smoke" - it's a gray / taupe type color.  LOVE it!  The trim will all be white.  The closet doors may be white - not sure yet and have a panel attached that will have chalkboard paint on them (♥).

Color Combo 1 - This is SORT of what I was going for.  That is SORT of the gray color (kind of).  But the color combo of Gray, Teal / Peakcock Blue & Mustard Yellow or possibly a more paler yellow.  The vision in my mind... looks good :)
Kind of like this look - except instead of brown more gray

If you like this print go to: Sylvia C Photography
And you can check out this Peacock Treasury...kind of caputures the colors I love.

Color Combo 2 - Kind of a Shabby Chic look... Pale Pink, peachy, aqua, teal tones

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Okay so they are VERY similar!  The big differnce, is if I add pink.  Should I just stick with my original plan?

Here is a little collage i put together... my desk, Chalkboard paint will be on closet door, color combo, I want to build a bench to lounge on & store my 12x12 scrapbooks, and of course photo inspiration.
Any thoughts & ideas welcomed!

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Cindy L. Smith said...

Love the pallets Lacey. I personally am so not a frilly pink/pastel girl so I'd leave it out and go with your original picks!