28 February 2011

Moved in

Friday was moving day.  It was a VERY cold moving day - temperatures in the negatives.  So the picture above is NOT the way the day was.  The ground is FULL of snow, it was not sunny and it was FREEZING!  But we are moved in. 

After everything was moved out of the apartment it was cleaning time.  Matt's mom helped us clean up the apt (we were there till midnight).  I'm thankful for her help though. 

Saturday was a day of home decor shopping.  I bought some fun glass vases & bottles, candles, sand & glass marbles for the bathroom decor.  It is looking good and really coming together.  Hobby Lobby was having a HUGE sale and I got 1 LARGE red Vase, 2 smaller vases, 1 jar for under $14!!

You can kind of see what I got...oh yes and that lovely basket which hand towels will be rolled up in.  Better pictures to come!  I also added a wooden pillar painted white and distressed & put a another blue candel on it...that is located with the q-tips & 2 jars on the right side.

Sunday another sort of shopping day, a search for new cable & internet and 3 movies!  OH and I soaked in the jet tub (finally).

I really didn't get much done this weekend.  I unpacked 2 SMALL boxes in my craft room and that is it.  So hopefully I'm a little more productive this week.  I hope to get the 2 big boxes in the dinning area unpacked so I can finish painting a small section.  And of course work on my craft room!  It will be a slow process...but we are moved in.

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Roeshel said...

Hurray! Congratulations, Lacey! Looking forward to seeing all of your decorating and making your home yours!