08 February 2011

Doing a little blog hopping

Blogs are simply amazing.  There are so many out there, many inspirational in various ways.  Usually I'm on the look out for scrapbook / crafting blogs that inspire me & my projects.  But lately, it's renovation, home decor, and do it yourself blogs.  I'm looking for ideas for the house and sometimes I find TOO many ideas.

Here are 2 photos that inspired me today... the first one is chalk board paint on a door.  The reason I picked this one, was not because their is chalkboard paint on the door (we are already going to do this to my closet doors in the craft room...but I love the banner decor on the chalkboard!  It takes that great chalkboard paint a step further!  Note to self, buy vinyl & digi die cutting software!

And this fire place!  Right now there is red brick around our fireplace and a beautiful piece of wood from Michigan and where Matt's Dad grew up.  We think it will be a better fit at the cabin, since it has sentimental meanings.

I love this mantle & fireplace though.  We definitely thought of tiling the fireplace and I love the idea of using these little square tiles... I think if we do something similar I'll want the small rectangle tiles that have different textured tiles on the sheet. 
Do you check out home decor blogs?  What are your favorites??

I love this site - Ana White!  I have a HUGE long to-do list over there!  Starting with an entry way bench!

OH and our bathroom will be in working condition by the end of the day!! TG! Renovation Gasper.

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