14 August 2007

BACK from the CRUISE

Matt & I are back from the cruise and we had an AMAZING time. It was so freaking awesome and not long enough.

The boat was a blast and there was so much to do and so little time to do it all. The food was great as well. I felt like we were always eating and there was a huge variety of food to choose from! And dinners were GREAT! We sat next to this mother & son (Mary & Dwight) who were on the cruise for Dwight's 21st birthday. They were great and gave us lots of crusing tips!

We also met a great group of people who we hung out with a lot!!! They were so awesome and we had tons of fun together and great stories. Matt & I will definitly have to go down to Florida to visit them!

I will have tons of pictures tonight (i'll post a link and a few on here).

Matt & I are planning a cruise in 2009. We would love it if Family & Friends would join us. We were thinking a 5 day cruise (that means we get off the boat twice). It would be so much fun to go with a big group of people we know and we hope to do that! So August 2009 keep your Calendars open for a 5 day cruise!!!

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Michelle Jo Klomp said...

That was not long enough...it seems like I just commented saying have a good time...lol