31 August 2007

A BIG no-no

So...after Matt said "I don't think you should be drinking Coffee this late" and me responding "oh it's no big deal - i'll be able to sleep no problem." I'm thinking I should have listened to him.

At about 8:45pm on my way home from the dance studio - I went to Atomic Coffee and grabbed a Vanilla Latte (my fav). Because I knew I had a newsletter to finish writing and I like lattes. So I got home and started plugging away on this newsletter for the dance studio (which has turned out quite well i think).

Matt got home after 9pm and asked if i should really be drinking coffee... Well I thought I'd be fine to go to sleep... it is now 12:30am and I'm wide awake...and the newsletter is completed.

So tomorrow I get to pay the consequences...oh goodie

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however, I know I can't stay away from the Enemy long...

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