01 March 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Here I am "geeking" again. I call myself a "geek" when i hang at the coffee shop on the internet with my laptop. I am ultra geeking today - i'm wearing my glasses. I like this new found activity though. It is fun to have a laptop and get stuff done on the go. I just downloaded the Twilight Soundtrack and can NOT wait for the movie to come out on DVD so i can obsessively watch it over and over again.

The weekend has once again gone by quickly. It is interesting how that works. However, I am looking forward to this week. Because by the end of the week I will be an AUNTIE!!! I can not wait for that moment. I'm sure my Sister-in-Law & Brother are even more excited than I am. Well they are - it is their kid. I can't wait to meet him and know his name and love him to pieces!

On that note - i have been here WAY too long (i'm surprised they have not kicked me out yet. lol). I should pack up and head home :)

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