26 February 2009

New Moon

OMG!!! Amber posted this on her blog - i watched and got chills. I CAN NOT WAIT!! How is this still an addiction. I think it will forever be an addiction of mine!!

oh and Jacob is soooo cute! But i still am for Team Edward. But it's hard not to fall in love with Jacob when he looks like that!

I'm excited to see New Moon - I'm excited for Twilight to come out on video! I need to read the books again NOW. I am reading Midnight Sun online right now (well not this second.) But I'm on Chapter 7 - i read a little bit a day - b/c I can't sit and stare at the computer that long :) Well maybe I could. I really wish she would continue writing Midnight Sun and continue with the twilight series in his viewpoint or even books beyond in Jacobs point of view. Aw - in love :)

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Elena said...

Isn't that trailer AMAZING?? I can't believe a fan made it - it looks so professional! I love Twilight too - can't wait till it comes out on DVD next month! :)

I am team Edward... Well team Cullen anyway - I love Jasper Hale! :)