17 February 2009

A year older

Well - people ask me - "Are you where you thought you would be at 27?" My answer. Well... no - but then I think - did I REALLY ever know where I would ever be at any age? I mean - yes there are many things I wish I was doing right now. But I think the drive of wanting it and being a year older (b/c i'm not getting younger) is going to push me even more to not sit and wait. Don't get me wrong - i love my life right now. I have a lot going for me. But there is a lot more I want to do and only I can take those steps of doing truly what I want to do.

In the past year I have discovered (more so then the past) that I love working with graphics & photography & marketing. I have helped the Dance studio (brochures), the FM Ballet (photos, headshots, advertising flyers & postcards for Xmas holiday, program design for Spooky Ballets & Christmas Holiday), and Monty (my personal trainer and good friend) - helping him build his clients with marketing tools such as flyers, brochures, wall flyers, etc. I've really enjoyed the process and the outcome and have thought - I could really make this into a career.

So what do I want to do while I'm 27? I want to work on my photography skills, hopefully enroll in online Graphic Design classes / school, build a portfolio, stay fit (look the best i ever have) and enjoy life!

So on that note:
Happy Birthday to me!
It is my year!

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Sandy said...

You would do so well with graphic design! And I want that cupcake:)