17 March 2009


RIGHT NOW! Sandy & myself are hosting a contest over on the MemoryWorks blog. Head over there for a chance to win. There are two prizes, one for consultants only and the other is for ANYONE! So go on over, enter in and check it out!
Interested in becoming a MemoryWorks Consultant?
Now is a great time to sign-up to become a MemoryWorks Independent Consultant. With the catalog transition soon approaching, MemoryWorks is offering a LOW start up fee for only $29.99 (plus shipping & taxes).

I have been a MemoryWorks consultant since 2005 and have loved every single minute of it. The home office staff is very personable, there is a consultant only message board where you can get ALL the advice you need, and the quotas are easy to meet (only $75.00 a YEAR)!!

If you have questions on becoming a MemoryWorks Independent Consultant contact me today or check out my website for more information!

laceyigo@hotmail.com or My MemoryWorks Websites

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