30 July 2007


I can't believe the cruise is only 8 days away!!! That is it! I am so excited. I bought 3 new pairs of flip flops this weekend (I needed some new ones). I am sure I will start packing this weekend cause i'm so excited!!!!

We leave August 8th and come back pretty much REALLY early morning on the 14th! I'm so excited to eat Pizza whenever I want (and i don't have to pay for it!) Go dancing, spend a day in cozumel, lay by the pool, and so much more! It is going to be so much fun.

I am definitly NOT on a diet when i'm on the cruise. However, I think I will still work out. They have classes on the ship and I think it would be fun to take some. So I'll have to check that out.

I know right now that 4 days won't be enough time! But I'm so fortunate to go that many days! I will definitly post pictures when i get back!

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Renee Clark said...

Have FUN! Enoy your cruise. ;o)