19 May 2008

Gasper's School of Dance Recital

The recital for the dance studio was last night. It was such a long day. By the time it was done I was so exhausted I couldn't think anymore. We taped the performance. It was so good. Everyone in it did an awesome job. I was so proud. :D I danced in one number myself. I'm in hip hop class and the girls in the class convinced me to do the recital. It was fun and I hope I brought enough energy b/c i was so tired. Hopefully I can put a little bit of it up on my blog when we move it to a DVD. :D I will have to figure that out though.

Now I'm ready to go home and sleep. But I'm at work and that is not possible at this moment. I had a fun weekend though. Molly's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated it on Saturday evening. She is also moving to NYC in the next week or so and leaves this week. It was nice to spend time with her. I will definitely miss her!

I will get my May Calendar page completed and posted as soon as possible!

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