23 July 2008

Found it

I found a blog that has the WRMK catalog. Check it out here (plus there is MUCH more peeks on this site of what people saw at CHA... pretty much entire catalogs! SWEET)!! Look at how awesome the Halloween line is. OH AND WRMK is coming out with a CIRCLE CUTTER (Magnetic Circle Cutter). Since I LOVE their Crop-a-dile (i have the original and Big Bite) - I'm sure this will be a must have tool as well. And if you haven't see the crafters mat set - super cool. Check out my site to purchase one.

WRMK Crafters Mat

Sweet huh?

I'm so glad I found those papers finally.

Also, I think I have a bad addiction called Bella & Edward. Yeah - I walk to the dance studio to go to class and instead of listening to my ipod (like i always do). I read Eclipse while walking from my apt to the studio. I didn't want to drive b/c that would mean I couldn't read (even though it's only a 2 - 3 minute drive). I know super addiction. Matt thinks I'm crazy and looking at me funny. It's just hard to put down. I have a serious addiction...and it's going to be hard to break. I'm going to be sad when there are no books left to read... I guess I will just have to reread them. :)

Check out the Twlight site for trailers of the movie!!! OMG too excited.

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