23 May 2009

Matthew Thibedeau

Matt Thibedeau was a dear friend of mine. He was kind, caring, funny, enjoyable and incredibly talented.

Matt had Cystic Fibrosis and last week the disease finally over powered him. Matt passed away on Wednesday morning. He lived beyond his life expectancy but that still doesn't make it easy for his friends and family here.

Matt T. and my Matt grew up together. Matt has always said Thibedeau was one of his best friends. You could tell when they were together the friendship they had was strong - no matter if they hadn't seen each other in years or weeks or days.

He will always live in our hearts and memories. He will be greatly missed. He definitely was a person that touched everyone's lives he crossed. I feel very fortunate to have known such a sensational person.

The picture above is Matt with Doobie. They were attached at the "hip" to one another. She was definitely very protective of him and he just thought the world of her. This was their Christmas picture 2008.