13 September 2013

New to my Etsy Shop

With school and the wedding and life, I have kind of neglected my blog and my Etsy shop! But no fear, I'm back at it!

I have recently updated my Etsy site, logo (see it above?!?) and I have NEW products! Introducing Eye Masks. These eye masks are made of cotton fabric (unless otherwise noted) and are filled with flaxseed. The flaxseed feels soft and will heat up or freeze nicely. There are fun shapes, colors and patterns located in my shop!
Also NEW are my Flag Paper Clips! these are fabulous for teacher or friend gifts, for bookmarks, for students, and even scrapbook / paper crafting. There are many color combinations put together in my shop!
And of course I still have my knitted coffee cozies. So don't forget to check them out while you are there!

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