08 March 2008

Happy Weekend!!!

I love weekends. They are relaxing for the most part. Today I got up and started to knit another pair of leg warmers - they are going to be cute!! They are pink!!! I also did a little scrapbooking today - i needed to do a lot more. I will post projects tomorrow probably. I am also working on a clutch for my friend. Her birthday was this last week and we are celebrating it tonight...however - it won't be finished for tonight. It's cute though. It was my first felting project!

The only BAD part about today - it's SNOWING!!!! They said light flurries. It has snowed non-stop all day. The weather people lied! Like always.

Well I'm working at the studio right now and rehearsal is ALMOST done - which means little kids running all over the place. AWWWWW...

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Mika said...

I love to see your leg warmers. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)