27 March 2008

Lets see some pages!!

So March is coming to an end. And I haven't seen any March Calendar pages yet?!? I already have a great RAK set aside. And it's cheerfully springy! So lets see some pages! You have until Monday, March 31, 2008 at 11:59pm to get them posted.

Post your layouts to THIS post. (it's a link)

I don't think i've updated on Matt's surgery. It went really well. The doctor was very pleased. He is now on "bed rest" haha for 48 hours. Well that 48 hours ends today. So he will leave the apt. for the first time this afternoon. He can't drive though because the right leg is in a brace and has to be straight. It's now recovery period. So hopefully it goes smoothly and quickly.

I haven't had time to scrapbook though since I've been taking care of him - getting him water, ice, food, etc. So he doesn't move much. So hopefully I'll have projects soon!! I should have time this weekend.

If you are a MemoryWorks consultant - I will be hosting challenges on the Message Board next month - so don't forget to check them out! You could win prizes from Home Office or a RAK from me!

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leah said...

Yay! Glad it went ok. He'll be good as new, soon. :)