22 June 2009

More Retreat Info!!

Alright - yesterday I did a recap on the classes! Today I will talk about the rest of the retreat!

Not only were the classes amazing and we got LOTS of stuff for each class project. Which is great to be able to create a full project without skimping out on embellishments!

This year the MemoryWorks store was in a larger room and set up Warehouse style sales. Everything was super cheap!!! I did some shopping. I bought stamps (and lots of stamps), the NEW Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts paper set (boy), and some Fancy Pants papers with matching chipboard. I didn't go all out like lots of people did. The store had so many awesome things in it. Including Fancy Pants frames, Memory Dock totes, stamps, paper sets, and much more. For a great price! I got the opportunity to work the store a few times and help out. It's so fun to see the excitement of a purchase!

Jason & Kolette Hall were the key note speakers of the event.
They spoke about life, belief, reality, and much more. These two are very inspirational people and have been through much more then most people. They have strength, laughter, love, and a drive to live life.

The crops were a blast as always. The chocolate one was oh so yummy. This year I completed 1/2 a 6" x 12" layout. I know - not much - but better then last year. I enjoyed spending time with Mary & James, the Home office staff and retreat attendees.

Once again, every time we walked into a room - you got something at the door. I came home with a suitcase full of things.

We also received these awesome bags at registration filled with goodies!!!

I got little sleep (about 4 hours a night), but I found time to run for 15 minutes 2 of the days. That helped my energy level. Other wise it was go go go!!!

I will post a slide show of pictures soon! Here are a few favorites:
More to come!!

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