30 June 2009


I go in spurts of things I fall in love with doing. One month it may be knitting, the next scrapbooking, the next photography and so on. I always find things I'm inspired by and I know recently I have slacked on my photography. I did get the opportunity to be the "official photographer" for the MemoryWorks retreat and that was lots of fun.

I stumbled across Photographers Limited Edition today! It is very artsy. I love artistic photos and really try to study and understand the composition of them. I love to just take pictures - but I would LOVE to become a photographer with an eye.

My friend Charles has an eye for things. His work really inspires me. He has taken a lot of awesome shots from downtown Fargo. He makes Fargo look cool!

My friend Ben Kusler is a photographer out in Los Angeles and I love his work! I've seen many of his headshots and he really captures a persons personality and beauty. So if you are in LA and looking for a photographer - hit him up, seriously!

Finally, my friends from High School - Josh & Laura have a photography company here in Fargo/Moorhead. I love their quirky take on photos and adore their engagement photos. Their company is Frozen Music Studios.

I love my little practice niche of photography. I love capturing dance. Maybe because dance is an escape for me. And capturing talented dancers is something I really enjoy. I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph dancers both on and off stage. With the FM Ballet and Gasper's School of Dance I have had lots of chances to catch dance in action.

So right now I guess what I'm saying is I'm inspired by photography and really want to get out there and take some shots. Which reminds me - I need to set up a session with Molly!

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Bonita Rose said...

I hear ya... I love amateur photography too.. I put together a blurb book of all my images fr the past few months here, filled with thoughts and inspiration too, see here,