10 March 2010

March Showers...brings Summer sooner?

It has been a rainy March so far; not that I'm complaining, because I would take this rain over snow any day! This past weekend my little nephew turned one!! He is such a joy to be around. He makes me laugh and is too cute for words! Here are a few pictures of his birthday party.
I think we were getting cold. I couldn't resist a picture with him! Well I know I was cold, my nose is red. I love going down to visit him!! It was really nice to see my family (mom, dad, brother, sister in law, nephew, aunt, uncle & cousins), plus seeing my sister in laws parents and brother. It was a very nice weekend.

Lucas is crawling all over the place now and his favorite word is "up". And he can also say "dance", "book" and "hi". Aw it melts me! He can also walk, a little. He takes a few steps (like up to 8-10) and then falls.

Happy Birthday little guy! Auntie loves you so much.

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