23 March 2010

My First Scrapbook

Okay, I should say that I have been crafting & "scrapbooking" forever. When I was a kid I used to create little title pages for my photo albums that I would slip into place (rather then having a picture in the spot). I would use construction paper, pens, markers & stamps to jazz it up.

The reason I'm blogging about this topic today, is because I was over at the Pink Paislee Blog (Pink Paislee IS my fav. scrapbook brand, check it out it you haven't yet!) and Kayla blogged about her first scrapbook. So I thought I'd share about MY first scrapbook.

My first "scrapbook" was for my brother. I created it as a gift for him, capturing photos from growing up through high school. It was a graduation gift for him. I used stickers, cardstock and probably decorative scissors. And I KNOW I probably cut pictures out around the people (gasp!). I honestly don't think I used a paper trimmer, just scissors and probably used scotch tape to adhere it all down (my I have come so far from that).

My brother means so much to me and I thought it was a thoughtful, sweet gesture from his sometimes pestering older sister. Now I create scrapbooks for and about my nephew and my do they look a lot different then the one I made my brother. I wonder if he still has that scrapbook.

I did use an archival safe album... does that score me points?


Anna said...

actually, lacey, your fist scrapbook was made for me when we graduated and i still have it!! it was made in a 3-ring-binder and is full of pics, memories, cards, and stuff from high school. tomorrow i will take a few pics of the pages and send them to you to jog your memory!! i still love it 10 years later!!

Lacey said...

OMG... I don't know if I remember that... Please Please take pictures - I want to see!!