22 April 2010

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I have been doing a lot of thinking lately of habits or things I do that I can cut back on. Each year I try to do one thing that 'helps the earth'. Last year was to not use as many plastic bottles (which I did awesome on!!) and I also started using knitted coffee cozies for my coffee I get at the coffee shop.

I have realized that I use a lot (I mean A-LOT) of plastic bags. This year I plan to cut back significantly on this. If I don't purchase a lot of items (like yesterday), I will just carry my items out (no bag). If I'm purchasing more, I plan on using reusable canvas or knitted bags. Now to make some of these bags and REMEMBER to bring them with me!

I started a fan page on Facebook about a week ago called LaceyBug Creations. Head on over and join my fan page and leave a comment about what you plan to do this year to "Go Green" - on my status "Happy Earth Week" by Friday at 11:59pm and you will be entered in a drawing for a knitted coffee cozy!
Photo from: Photobucket

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