24 August 2010

Zumba Madness

Soooo it is registration week at Gasper's School of Dance (Fargo, ND). This year we revamped some of classes and added a "fitness program" called - G Fitness. It is an exciting addition to the dance studio this year. As the studio's main focus is still on it's dance classes, technique and learning, we have found the outlet for fitness to be huge and wanted to make it affordable with no gym membership fees or registration fees.

Anyway! This week we are offering FREE Trial classes. Last night we had Zumba & Positive Motion and tonight we have Cardio Karate @ 7:15pm and Circuit Training @ 8:30pm.

Here is the new Fitness Brochure (created by me).

So last night I took Zumba class. This was the first time taking it. It was a lot of fun. And we had a HUGE turnout. There had to be over 35 people in the room. Lots of fun was had! We have 3 Fitness Staff members.
  • Patrick Kasper (Postive Motion & Cardio Karate) - Patrick is also one of the tap teachers at the studio
  • Jill Lawrence (Zumba)
  • Matt Gasper (Circuit Training, Cardio Karate, Personal Training). Matt is part owner of GSDPA, he is a classically trained Ballet Dancer but can teach and dance it all. Very well rounded dancer. He is also a certified personal trainer (he's awesome and my boyfriend).
Here are some photos from Zumba Class (I got these from Jill Lawrence's Zumba Facebook Page)

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