29 September 2010

Mooo Stickers

I am very close to running out of business cards for LaceyBug Creations and so a reorder was needed. I did a slight redesign to the cards and ordered my regular sized ones through Next Day Flyers. I'm really excited about the design and having actual business sized cards!

I also needed to order my mini biz cards through Moo.com. There is so fun business items on their site. The mini cards are great and you could actually created a different design for EACH card! I attempted to do that and it was just a lot of work, so I redesigned my first Moo cards, which now match my regular sized business card.

ANWAY! The exciting NEW thing through Moo.com is they have stickers!! Each pack comes with 90 stickers. You could have 90 different designs. I have 10 and will be using them to package my items. For $9.99 I thought this was GREAT! Here are my sticker designs (uploading them to photobucket skewed the colors actually used...but you'll get the idea).
Honestly the colors are not so BRIGHT in the actual stickers created. I'm so excited to see these in person! I'll share them with you when they arrive!

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