21 September 2010

Video - Distress Ink

I know, I know. There are MANY videos out there on Ranger Distress ink. But I thought I'd share with my e-newsletter readers and friends a QUICK tutorial on how to use these wonderful inks in a water color technique.

My friend Sandy is a mom of 4 (almost 5) and has little to no time to sit down and watch tutorial videos that are longer then 5 minutes long! Well after she said that and much thinking, I decided - I'm going to make videos of simple tutorials of products and page elements (embellishments) and show viewers in under 5 minutes!

Now, this is the FIRST video I have ever made and have ever edited. I know there are some spelling errors and some things I will want to change for next time, but I'm proud with how it turned out for my FIRST time. So be nice on me ;)

Alright there you have it! My first ever video.

Project Supplies
Ranger: Distress Ink
Ranger: Ink Blending Tool
Ranger: Non-stick Craft Mat (I think ANY crafter needs one)
Ranger: Mini Misters or Water bottle

Cardstock, tag or any other element you want to try the technique on


Anonymous said...

the video screen was blank ???

Lacey said...

If you press play it should work. Let me knwo if it doesn't.