02 April 2011

NEW - Simple Stories 100 days of Summer

I got a shocker of the week on Monday!  I was told there would be a NEW Simple Stories line AND it would be in the NEW Catalog! Say WHAT?!? It was a pleasant surprise and when I saw the line, I was BLOWN away! 

Check out this beautiful new collection called 100 Days of Summer.  I love the tomato red, aqua & yellow combination.  It's lovely and this collection makes me want an ice tea and scrapbook tools oh and SUNSHINE and warm weather (remember I live in Fargo, we still have snow).

So here you go!  A few of my favorite pieces of the NEW Simple Stories line.  Check it all out on the Simple Stories Blog (and for a chance to win)!!

LOVE These letter stickers!! Look at the fantastic colors! yummy
Look at these fantastic Elements!  I love that bike!  And the Post card oh and that Fresh Lemonade!!!!
  And LOVE these little journaling cards!  And the beautiful green dots on the other side. I will for sure need more then 1 of this piece of pattern cardstock!
And here is the entire kit! Beautiful!!

100 Days of Summer will be available end of April.  If you are interested in this collection, please email me and I can place an order the day it becomes available!!  

Also, don't forget to check out the NEW MemoryWorks Catalog (you can preview the 100 Days of Summer line).  Check out what is already available in the Shop Our Products section on my website!

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Picklez said...

I am soooo excited Lacey to get mine today!! I love your site and the sweet Love Journal you created about your 7 year journey NS Many more to come. What an awesome idea!! You just get my creative juices overflowing!! Well off to check out more!! Have a pickle pink day GF!!!