03 May 2011

Ice Cream Cozies

In case you missed it the other day... I'm now creating ICE CREAM COZIES!!! These will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop soon!  So what do you think?  These sweet little cozies will fit around the pint sized ice cream containers!  How adorable is that. Not only do they look cute, they keep your hands from freezing off ;) 


This is the FIRST completed one I've made!  They will be sold with various words on them.  I will also make customized ones (peoples name, nickname, or word that is not in my shop).  I will be selling them for $12.50 in my Etsy shop!

The words are hand stitched by me on muslin or broadcloth (yet to test this fabric). And the cozy is knitted by me.  They fit around pint sized ice cream containers.

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