15 July 2011

Hop Winner

A few things today!!  First THANKS for all the sweet comments yesterday.  To answer a few questions that was asked yesterday...
Q. Where do you get your drink container?
A. The container I used was a Mike's Hard Limeade container.  The 6 pack.  Any beer or malt drink or soda cardboard container will do.

Q. How do you keep those from getting "yucked" up?
A. You can cover it with Mod Podge or something similar that gives it a protective coat to protect the paper. 

The project was actually really easy and quick to complete!  Just a few measurements, some glue and a little bit of sanding and you are done! And it's ready to decorate.

One other projects I forgot to share yesterday is covering a Candy Bar.  I designed these for the MemoryWorks retreat in June.  But thought I'd share them with you!  How fun and cute! Perfect for a party gift!

Okay now onto the winner of this adorable Photo stamp!!!
Commenter no....
True Random Number Generator 1-80 28 

DocsMom said...
LACEY BUG!!!! My sweetie friend!! This is soooo AWESOME!! I have done a few but not with the SS kit Dang you did GREAT and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! Keep it coming Girls!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!

Email me at lacey.memoryworks@gmail.com with your mailing address DocsMom so I can send you your stamp!

Have a great weekend!

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