07 July 2011

New Addiction

Since I've gotten my new phone and I have decided I love using the apps on my phone and the camera.  I used to have a Palm Pre (I hated it) - so when it went kaput, I was so happy to get a new phone and got the HTC - Evo in white (i love it!).  With my new phone I have downloaded 3-4 photo apps. Not really sure why - but it's fun and I love photography!  I have been uploading my pictures to Flickr.  It's becoming a "Document Life things" type of photos.

Here are a few I've taken recently...
Open Road (See I live in ND/MN - the land is FLAT!)
A page in my SMASH book (I have the blue book)

Off to Zumba, I love working out and this week I'm trying some of the Zumba classes by other instructors at the Dance Studio!! Typically I take the Circuit classes, Cardio Karate and 1 Zumba a week.
June Sky in Fargo one evening
So my phone is making it easier to document every day things in my life.  That I can either scrapbook or put in my SMASH book to document moments.  As a teeny bopper, I would write in a diary / journal daily.  Telling it about my day, whether exciting or boring.  As an adult, I haven't documented little every day things that used to be important to me.  I love documenting these things now and with technology makes it easier to add pictures to my stories!  
Do you document your daily doings?  Either in a journal, blog or by photos?  Please share :)

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