17 August 2007

Busy as a BEE

I feel like I have been so busy. I haven't even posted pictures from the cruise yet!! Well I have to Snapfish - but I can only email the link. SO If you want to see them let me know. Sunday or tonight I will try to get them up on photobucket so I can add a link.

Work has been busy this week as well. Plus, the Gasper DanceWear arrived on Wed. It looks soooooooo awesome. I will take pictures tonight and post. I designed all the logos and picked out the colors and items the logos would go on. I love it! Lots of work - but definitly worth it!

This weekend I'm going to the Cities for Emily's (friend & roommate in college) bachelorette party & Bridal shower. I am soooo excited - especially since I haven't seen her since we graduated. It's amazing how time flies and that I can't find time to see my good friends.

I hope to scrapbook tonight or sunday - so i'll post pics. I have so many pictures now to scrapbook. I am also ordering some papers and a 5 x 7 book for my cruise album. I don't know how i'm going to choose what pictures to put in it. I will also get all the other pictures printed from the cruise and just put them in a photo album.

1 hour left of work - i better find something to do! :D

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Michelle Jo Klomp said...

ooohhh have fun. I want to see pics from the bachelorette party