22 September 2007


Last night was kids night out at the dance studio. The theme: ROCK STARS & POP STARS! 11 kids showed up and than Courtney, Ashley, Ann & Myself were the adult supervisors! It was so much fun! Everyone came dressed up, we had "red" carpet pictures, they learned a dance, we played games, sang karoke, and decorated picture frames! It turned out better than I thought it would have. The pictures are adorable - especially the "red" carpet pictures (or green turf pictures).

I am not excited for the next kids night out. But definitly learned that we need to prepare more and have stuff ready to go before the day of. With classes going on it's hard to decorate and get things up. But I think and hope the kids had a blast. It was about them.

Here are a few pictures:

Me on the "Green Turf"
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The Girl's
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Courtney, Ann, Ashley & Myself

Thanks for the help girls!!! It was fun!

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