14 November 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Yes, it is cold out side and we have snow flurries...eeks - ick!

I really can't believe it's already the middle of November, Thanksgiving is next week, and December will be here before we know it! This month is cruising by!

We've started Christmas Holiday rehearsals. First rehearsal "Soldiers". A famous tap number Matt's parents put together MANY years ago. It's not an easy one...and I have a lot of practicing to be doing.

I also made a ornament for the Holiday swap on the MW board. I hope to post soon. The first one (my trial one) I gave to my boss for her birthday - she LOVED it. So now i'm going to make more including one for my Secret Santa person I have, 1 for my grandma and 1 for my mom. Than I'll probably buy more and make some for myself! I will share soon.

okay i'll share more later and hopefully have pictures!

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