26 November 2007

Happy Holidays

It's still November - but not for long. This month has FLOWN by. I thought October was never going to end and November just ran past. Not sure if that is good or bad yet! The holidays are coming quickly and I am ALMOST done with my Christmas Cards. I need black ink. Below is the card I need ink for. I made a photo card this year!! I actually have 2 different card designs. Less than the past years.

For the card below I used BasicGrey Fruitcake. Left over scraps from last year. I cut up as many 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" cards as I could and used scraps for the bottom strip. This one is a demo card. The rest are just waiting for photos.

My other card this year is using Scrapworks holiday line from last year. And I will use a christmas tree stamp with those.

I've already made 36 cards for my parents friend as well. Those are sent in the mail already. I think she should get them today or tomorrow!

Well enough rambling. Here is the card!

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Sarah said...

I love your Christmas card! It is so cute--especially the pics! Great Job! I really need to get movin' on mine.....

leah said...

Great card, Lacey! :) Love the BG fruitcake stuff. :)