19 November 2007

Ornament Directions

Here are the directions for the ornament I made below (in the previous post).

Glass bulbs - (the biggest ones) at Michaels (came in a case of 4)
Snowflake acrylic stamp
Ink (i used colorbox - not the chalk type - just regular it doesn't dry fast)

Glitter embossing powder
Heidi Swapp Acrylic Snowflake (i'm not sure if this is in her current line - i bought mine last year)
Heat Gun

Tweezers of some sort
Damp Paper Towel

Ink the Heidi Swapp acrylic snow flake piece with Red ink on one side (or any other color you would like to use). Sprinkle the glitter embossing powder on the snowflake. Tap off Excess.

With your tweezers hold a corner of the snowflake (embossing the snowflake with a heat gun gets hot - this will prevent burning yourself). With your heat gun set the embossing powder. WARNING: you are working with acrylic - it melts. So be patient and do a little at a time.

Once the embossing powder is set. Let cool, and repeat the process on the other side.

Using an acrylic snowflake stamp, I place the stamp on a soft surface (to make stamping a round surface easier). Ink the stamp and carefully place the glass bulb on the stamp. Gently roll back in forth - being careful not to move the bulb from it's place (other wise the stamp will drag). I re-inked between each stamp. I stamped 1 - 2 images before applying embossing powder to make the process go a little faster. I inked and embossed 4-6 before I set the embossing powder.

Tip: Have a damp cloth or paper towel near by to wipe off any mistakes.

To Complete
Pierce a hole in the tip of the acrylic snowflake that will go inside. Thread clear or color thread through the hole. Place the snowflake inside. Since it is acrylic it is flexible - gently bend the edges to make it fit through the hole. Place the metal top piece back on the top and tie the thread to secure the snowflake around the metal loop.

To finish it off - tie a piece of ribbon around the metal loop to make it easy for hanging (this is not shown in my picture below).

If you have questions - let me know! :D

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