19 January 2009

They are DONE

I finished my red legwarmers last night!!!! My GOSH! It only took me 3 1/2 months to finish. Such a long time for a small project. But they are DONE!! I will post them soon.

I started working on fingerless gloves last night. We will see how they turn out. They are moving MUCH quicker than the legwarmers. So I may just stick to knitting fingerless gloves in the round. They are going to be pink! I was so proud I started it on my own without my mom doing the first 2 rows. HAHA! GO ME! Doesn't look as good as hers does - but i'm still a beginner.

The baby shower is in 5 days!! I can not wait! I got all the little party favors, prizes, and gifts wrapped! I also found plates & napkins to match my theme and cupcake holders. I wrapped the party favors & prizes in tulle and wrapped the thank you gift for my mom & the woman whose house we are going to be at in tissue paper with curling ribbons and made little tags with scrapbook stuff for it! Super cute! It will be lots of fun. My games are all ready - it's just the food prep that I have to do. I think i'll be up late making cupcakes on Thursday.

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