16 January 2009

A week away

I'm super excited! The baby shower is a week away. I still have much to do. A little more shopping (for game prizes and other things). I really hope it turns out great and I hope my sister-in-law has a wonderful time! I am also looking forward to seeing family and friends of the family!

I will have lots of pictures posted after. I have cute ideas for favors and I'm excited about the food! This is the FIRST baby shower I've ever thrown - wait first shower i've EVER thrown. So I'm a little excited :D

Now i just have to remember the baby gifts! EEKs - that would be horrible if I forgot that.

In other news, the weather here SUCKS! This cold winter stuff is not my piece of pie. I would much rather it be above 80 degrees! And no snow! But nope - I live in FARGO! BRRRR...

I got some scrapbooking done this week - a LITTLE! Like 1 layout and a little card. I am hoping to hold a Valentine's card class February 7th! Using the Fancy Pants line.


And look at the paper line (yummy)

Love that little robot!

Anywho - it is on my wishlist!

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