25 January 2010

Snow Day!

It is "blizzarding" outside. Which I think it's just incredibly windy and blowing the snow... which is what is going on. I woke up and got ready for work, called my boss and he said to come in at 9:30am. So at 9:30am I started to drive to work... I got 1/4 of mile from my apt... it was HORRIBLE. I could barely see in front of me, the drifts sucked. So I pulled over and called to say it was bad and wasn't sure if I would make it there. So I will try again at 1pm.

I'm having a Vikings hangover this morning. So sad that the dirty Saints beat my beloved Vikings! The Vikes played a good fair game. I wish they were going to Superbowl. I will be cheering on the Colts now.

In crafting world. Winter CHA is happening right now. I have seen a lot of sneak peeks that will break the budget. Can't WAIT to see what MemoryWorks comes up with for their Spring 2010 Catalog.

Today and tonight I will be working on some knitting to put up on Etsy! I have some half made Coffee Cozies to complete. To the left is just one thing I'm adding to my Etsy site (yes I know it's not knitting). It is a mini 4x6 album. Just add photos and there are journaling areas to add comments. I have 2 of these albums completed to sell.

As for the knitting, I'm adding cute animal coffee cozies to my store! I can't WAIT to share these with the world. I can do custom orders for them as well; if anyone is interested. The animal coffee cozies will be available this week for purchase.

MemoryWorks Simple Story paper line is STILL Available! Contact me to order it for yourself!

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