24 August 2011


I have made a change.  I will be transitioning into a new blog and website!  I recently purchased a domain name and am really excited to put a site together.  Right now I'm in a BETA mode.  It's just functional at this time.  There will be a lot of changes over there in the next few months, so check back frequently.

Note there is a lot of work to still be done to make it the way I want it.  So bare with me during my transition.

I will miss blogger though.  I love how easy it is to blog over here and I love the look of my current blog (I'm trying to make my new one similar).  So that is hard to give up.  I probably won't shut this one down, just because I don't want anyone taking it.  haha.  I have already transferred all my blog posts to my new blog as well - so you can go back and look for old blogs.  I basically changed to grow.  I wanted a domain name, a place to inspire, a place to share my work and eventually sell cozies, project pdfs and more.  So I look at it as growing in LaceyBug Creations.

Things I hope to have on my new site!
  • Blog (of course)
  • Contact / About me
  • Events
  • Gallery (sharing my photography & creative projects)
I have already started to blog over there, so please check it out!


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