05 June 2007

Washer & Dryer

I never have realized how FABULOUS it is to have a washer and dryer right in my apartment. I don't have to exit my apartment and pray there is a washer or dryer open, I don't need to search the apt. high and low for quarters, or run to the bank to get 2 rolls of quarters to do laundry, all i have to do is walk from the bedroom to the laundry area at my apt and do my laundry.

Not only that - my clothes feel so much nicer, softer, cleaner, and I have more than 3 wash cycles. OH and the clothes actually DRY in the dryer (what a concept).

The last time I had a washer & dryer in my place - that I didn't have to pay quarters for - was when I was a senior in college. But I think i appreciate it more now.

It's seriously a dream come true. And I can do laundry when I want. Not when I have a HUGE load to do and time to do it. I can throw in a load and cook dinner (not that I cook - but I could) or scrapbook, or watch tv with not much of an intreruption. I love it!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Both Whirlpool. We have something similar.

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