31 May 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar

So last night we saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the Fargo Dome. I have only seen the movie before so this was an experience. AND talking about the movie - Ted Neely was Jesus in the production I saw last night! Awesome huh. I mean he is 63 years old and Jesus was only 33 when he died (or something like that). But MAN can he still sing those notes! It was great!

I usually don't go to shows at the Fargo Dome (not a great venue) - but our friend Chris was in the production. It's a touring production. It was so great to see him perform!!

Afterward we all went to the HoDo... including the cast. So I got to meet the Ted Neely and the rest of the cast. It was so much fun. They are a really nice group of people. I'll post pictures once I have internet at my place again.

So that was my excitment last night.

Our furniture was moved yesterday as well. It made it safely to our new apt. It's so exciting to get moved in. Our washer & dryer arrives tomorrow - thank god! i'm super excited about that!

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