13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day to all those moms. I am of course not one. But my mom is!! And she is the BEST mom in the world (seriously)!! This blog is dedicated to my mommy!

Here is a picture of My Grandma, myself & My Mom - taken at Easter 2007
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My mom was the person that got me into crafting. Every since I was a little girl she has been crafting and sewing. She used to make my brother & my clothes. She also made us Cabbage Patch type dolls and the 2 dolls, my brother & myself had matching outfits. I didn't like my green sweat outfit though - sorry mom. But I do appreciate her effort and thoughtfulness now. She also made lots of doll and bunny type things for craft shows. I think she is super talented. And now she is an AMAZING quilter. She makes BEAUTIFUL Quilts. I really admire her patience for quilting and the effort and love she puts into them.

So Mom - Happy Mother's Day. For all the inspiration, helping hands, friendship, support and most of all LOVE - You are truly are the greatest mom in the world.

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