18 May 2007


So I wanted to document in my blog what camera I want! :D and a few accessories (with the help of Michelle!) She's been answering my questions on thing I may want / need when I buy this camera (goal - end of August!) So here is the camera: (all photos are from Amazon.com) - except I think i want it with the Silver Body (but that seems to cost a few $$'s more)

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The Lens she suggested (i know nothing about lenses yet)
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(Tamron Autofocus 28-75mm f2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) for Canon SLR Cameras)

And a book she sugggested:
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So I'm going to probably buy the book in the next month or so - that way i can get started on learning my new camera - BEFORE i even have it! Wonderful idea huh?

And this blog was really not meant for anyone - just so I remember what Michelle Suggested to me and I wouldn't have to keep asking her.

Also - if you have any suggestions - please feel free to comment.

Needs for my camera:
Well I have MANY different reasons on why I want a DSLR. But here are some things I would like to use it for.
1. To have a photo session with the FM ballet Company Dancers (I want to do these outside by the river OR downtown by the cool buildings - more industrial)
2. Taking photos of the Ballets (so sports lenses i'm assuming). The light is low - and I hate to use flash when they are testing lights and i hate to use flash. Also after the show for cast photos on stage...those theatres are so dark when it comes to house lighting...
3. Just to take beautiful photos! Of my boyfriend, friends, family, every day life.
4. Eventually I would love to just do free lance photography for people (senior pictures, family shots, etc) - but that is a few years down the line.

So I guess I'll be doing a lot of action, some low lighting (in door shots), and every day photos.

Well now that i rambled about things that most people don't care about :D I'll end here!!

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Michelle Jo Klomp said...

That is some great gear you will have. Isnt it crazy how the color changes the price so much. I still dont understand that.

I hope you get your camera soon.