30 May 2007


Moving is super overwhelming. The hardest part of it all - I can't be in control. I sit here at work while Matt moves everything. I'm so obsessed with my personal items - that it freaks me out when someone else moves them... (well i don't think obsessed is a good word - but that is all i can think of). I'm just particular.

Okay - the 2nd hardest part about sitting at work and not helping move - is just that - i'm sitting at work and not helping. I'm sitting here drinking my cherry coke (i'm stressed) and typing on my blog - while my furniture is being moved (gently I hope and hoping it fits through door frames).

And than tonight - we won't be moving anything - because we are going to a tour production of Jesus Christ Superstar (our friend is in it). But on the plus side - i got some HOT red shoes to go with a black & white dress. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Okay - i'm going to do some work - hopefully the next 2 hours moves along quickly.

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