15 May 2007

I was just thinking how I used to love to come up with crazy email titles when sending people emails. Random things. Like: The sun is purple today. But now i title my emails - Hey or Hi. BORING. I should go back to the wacky email days.

I've been working on many different type of projects lately. I am designing Gasper's School of Dance Recital program (in adobe). I haven't worked with Adobe too much since we got it...but playing around with it - I'm really starting to enjoy it more and more! It's so much fun and there are so many possibilities. I also have designed my business card using adobe! Love it!

I'm also in complete scrapbook mode. I want to scrap all the time! This past weekend I finished 1 layout and made 2 more - plus a frame for my friend Molly. Her birthday is on Friday - plus she's leaving town to do summer stock! I thought this would be a perfect gift! She LOVES the color pink. I'm really serious about that. LOL
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The frame is just a wooden frame you can find at any craft store
The papers (Through MemoryWorks) - Scenic Route: Bird Theme Set (not sure if this is the name by Scenic Route themselves. I think it's part of the Laurel Collection.

So I got my tax return back - It ROCKS! I'm debating what i want to do with it. I SHOULD just save it all. Or use part to pay bills. I'll have to ponder this one.

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