19 May 2007

The Fargo Marathon

So the Fargo Marathon is today. (I should be out promoting a radio station in town - however I stayed up LATE celebrating a friends Birthday! Too tired to get up at 7am on a Saturday). Anyway - back to the Marathon. So the Fargo Marathon is today and I have a few people I know running (5k & 1/2 marathon). Props to them - b/c I don't run.

However, I was thinking as I lay in bed this morning and looking out side. Why couldn't I run next year? Of course I'd be a wimp and start with the 5k - but hey at least i'm starting some where. Or maybe my training (that I promise I will start this month or in June) will lead me to running the 1/2 marathon.

Is this something I want to do? Is this a goal I want to accomplish? I remember as a kid when my dad decided to run a marathon (the whole thing). I love helping him train. I was in elementary school and I would bike along side him - i remember we ate a lot of pasta (which was great - b/c I LOVE pasta). I remember being very proud of my dad. He trained so hard for so long. It's a huge disciplin I think.

So if ANYONE reads my blog - I'd love your input. And if you live in Fargo - do you want to do this with me? Will I actually have the discipline to do something like this - or just flake off as I sometimes do?

I'll have to think this one over. It could just be the Hype of the marathon today.

I should also note - it rains EVERY year on Marathon day (this is a fact). At least for the past few years...today is no exception - it's raining!

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