10 May 2007

New beginnings

So, I decided to open a blog. Why, you may ask? Well I don't know. Maybe to document parts of my life. Including scrapbooking, photography, and other crafts. Or to share with others who I am - but why would you care if you don't know me. Or maybe for old friends to know what is going on with me.

I don't know what direction I will go with this blog - maybe every crazy direction imaginable. Or maybe just crafting. I'll figure it out eventually.

I do know this - i want to grow as a "photographer". I am not by ANY means a photographer now. So I will share my progress. I do hope to get a new camera - but with moving into a new apt at the end of this month (which means buying a WHOLE bunch of new stuff - including a Washer / Dryer, Grill, Dishes, Patio Furniture, Dresser, new desk, and little things like a shower curtain and storage containers) doesn't leave much $$ to buy a new camera. Sometimes I just have to wait.

Well - welcome to my journey!

PS - I'm not always the best speller and won't always use spell check :)

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