22 May 2007


In about a WEEK we move into our new apartment. It seems so crazy how FAST this month went. I feel like there should be an extra week and June 1 isn't next friday! I can't believe how quickly this year is going by.

I am really excited to move into our new place. This will be the 3rd apt matt & I have lived in together. That's just nuts!! But I think it is going to be great!! Here is the upsides of our new apartment:
  • Washer / Dryer Hook Up
  • Dishwasher (i may actually do the dishes)
  • Patio (HUGE outdoor patio area!! It rocks)
  • underground, heated parking (even though we aren't going to have a spot till August - so we can save money - this will be awesome in the winter)
  • We can Paint!! We can put holes in the wall - and the apt complex doesn't care!! That rocks!
  • BIGGER bathroom - giving me a vanity spot! Thank god - my make up will be saved and not all over the floor b/c i dropped it!
  • Close to the Park (pretty much walk out of our apt building and the park is right there.

The thing I'll miss:

  • The space - we are downsizing when it comes to the space of our apt as a whole. But I'm okay with that since we are getting all the awesome things listed above!

Still have to wait on:

  • Getting a Pug. I want a puppy so bad and yet again - i can't have a pet. I should go see a doctor and say i'm depressed and a dog would help. ;)

So this is very excting for us! And to see how excited Matt is about it - makes all the difference in the world - it's awesome. He's so super excited!!! I'll be sure to post pictures when we move in - and when we paint! We are painting monday. Eeks - i need to get my paint chip samples in so we can paint on Monday!!

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