03 February 2010


In 2 weeks I will be 28?!? I find that so interesting. When I turned 25, I FREAKED out. I was seriously going through a quarter life crisis (and was interviewed by the local paper about it). Now I'm almost 28 and I haven't even thought if I'm going to do anything for my birthday. I always seem to have something planned. Does this mean I'm really settling into life and don't need to celebrate my birthday and I'd be okay with that?

In other news. It's not to late to sign up for my crafting e-newsletter. I share information about MemoryWorks, Knitting, Etsy, Scrapbooking, upcoming classes and a project to share! I hope to dabble in sewing as well. I really hope it inspires other crafters and gives ideas.

The layout in this blog is from the MemoryWorks January Express Kit. This year I'm making 8x8 layouts out of the MW Express kits. They are quick and easy to make. I love the size and you can still embellish them to the extreme! I bought an American Crafts album to house the layouts.

Well that's it for my RANDOM blog today! Hope to have some February MemoryWorks Express Kit projects to share soon.

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anna said...

yeah i turned 28 today and i feel NO different. we have NOTHING planned and it is just a regular old day around here!