28 October 2010


Wow I'm quite the blog poster today!  I was checking my email I subscribe to a home / apt. type email thing that shows off different houses and ideas.  ANYWAY!  Today had this room!

The dark colors on the wall is pretty much the color I'm going for in our future family room.  However, we are only doing it on the fireplace wall and the rest will be a lighter gray.  I LOVE IT!  Our accent colors will be Red & mustard (plus black & white).  I really love what they did with the fireplace.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with ours.  So I'm glad I saw this post.  Stunning huh?  We have wood floors too, about that color!  I can not WAIT to decorate.

Check out Demolition Gasper to see what we are up to.

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