27 October 2010

My Space to be

I was checking out my blog roll today and Imaginisce was asking how do you organize your space (they also have a giveaway).  Honestly, my current space is a mess.  I can't exactly put up the items I want to TRULY organize the space the way I would.

Here is my room now, not bad, not excellent - love the desk, was our computer desk.  I kind of took it over :D

So today I want to share my ideas for my space to be...  here are some photos of my space to be:
Oct24 2010
Oct24 2010
Oct24 2010

It is a smaller room then I currently have (a lot smaller), but it has a GREAT closet organizer that will be so handy!  And don't you love that built in shelf??  Plus, there are 2 windows!  Hello natural light!

Here are my Ideas to come:
  • Colors: The walls will be a warm grey tone, nothing dark, just a little color for the room.  I will accent the grey with Peacock Blue & Mustard.  Which will be in wall coverings and photos, etc.  The closet interior will be white.  
  • Pegboard: Okay I know pegboard isn't "pretty", but it will be functional (and pretty) when I'm done with it.  I plan on painting the pegboard one of my accent colors.  I will hang items I use often like tools, stamps, stickers, etc.
  • Desk: My above desk will stay in the room.  Of course much more organized then it currently is.  When we move, I will set aside stuff I don't use anymore and put it in a box for my LSS's spring garage sale.  The great thing about moving - is purging things I no longer use.
  • Art: I want to line my walls with art created by myself or something I bought or received.  I love being inspired and having that on the wall will be perfect!  I will have altered canvas items, photo frames, Photography and whatever else I find inspiring
  • Closet: The room already has 2 great elements of organization.  (1) the closet and (2) the built in shelf.  The closet has so many great shelves I can put containers on for easy access.  In the tall hanging area, I plan on putting my "shoe" holders.  I keep my yarn in these (and a few pairs of shoes that don't fit in the actually shoe one in the entryway closet. The built in shelf will host my sewing machine.  Books and photos will line the shelves and in the cupboard I will store my fabric and other sewing items.  
  • Microwave Cart: I also have a rolling "microwave cart" from Target, which currently is a dumping grounds in my room.  But once in the new space, it will be my Cricut Machine home as well as my hand cutting die cut machine home.  My art supplies are currently on this as well - that will probably change and be stored in my closet.
  • Plastic Drawers: This may be an obsession.  I love clear plastic storage containers.  I have one of those rolling drawers ones (i think there are 6 drawers).  I bought this when I lived in California, it was my FIRST scrapbooking supplies holder, I can't imagine that being my only thing now.  Currently, it is stuck in a corner and holds...well I'm not sure, I never go in it.  This will be hosting my stamps when I move.  My acrylic collection is growing (I no longer buy wood stamps).  
  • Plastic Containers: Target has these AWESOME containers that hold scrap papers and letters stickers perfectly!!  They look like these but smaller and cost about $3.99 or something like that.  I love them.  I have 4 (scrap pattern paper, scrap cardstock, letter stickers & cling stamps)  They stack nicely and they are CLEAR!
There are quite a few other things I'm doing with the room, but you will just have to wait and see when I'm in the process or completed :)

What are some things you do to organize your space?


Jade said...

I was wondering about the grey, peacock and mustard combo when you mentioned before - makes perfect sense now after seeing the picture. Your space will be lovely when it is done. Honestly, I don't have that much stuff so it's not too hard to keep it organized. Everything has a home and I try to make sure it goes back home when I'm finished using it.

Sasha said...

I wish I could be that organized. You have to post pics once you get the new room squared away.

~The Life of Me~

Anonymous said...

That is a cool desk.
I just work on a big old flat, boring black dining table turned craft table.