14 December 2010

MemoryWorks Retreat 2011 - Goodies

I'm not joking when I say you get TONS of goodies. I would suggest to come with an EMPTY suitcase (if you are flying).

MemoryWorks does offer shipping your products home (if you run out of room).  I've actually had to do this before.

Information from the Retreat Site
Pack an extra tote! From product goodie bags to fantastic prize giveaways - we’re spoiling retreat guests with so many products, prizes and scrapbook goodies you’ll have all of the inspiration you need to reignite your passion for scrapbooking! We won’t send you home empty-handed... Plus, all retreat guests will be entered to win the ultimate $500 grand prize package giveaway at the end of the retreat!

  • Bring an extra bag.  Make sure you check out the airline's website for extra baggage costs, weight limits and what those extra costs would be, what you can carry on, etc.  Don't be surprised when you get to the airport. Be prepared :D
  • Should you bring products to work on at crops?  The first year I packed my bags and brought tons of papers, tools & stamps.  I never used it.  We received so much product in class and at different "events" during the retreat I was overloaded with product. The 2nd year I went, I decided to just bring some basic tools and a container of photos.  I was able to scrapbook my photos using the products I received at the retreat or bought in the MW retreat outlet shop. Plus, crops are a great time to finish up projects you didn't finish in a class.
  • Class Product.  It is AMAZING what you receive for class product. You receive beyond the amount needed for the class (in some classes) and you receive CURRENT product.  I have always been amazed at what we receive for a class.

My Friend Mary showing off what will be handed off when retreat attendees walk through the door (June 2009)
The BIG grand prize (in the center!) - June 2009
At the 2009 retreat we got these fantastic bags at registration.
Here is just an example of one of the variety packs of product we received when we walked into a crop! - June 2009
So do you have any questions about the product, prizes or anything about the MemoryWorks retreat?? Let me know!

Early Bird Sign-up till January 15th, 2011!!  Check out the MemoryWorks Retreat website for more details.

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Heatherbell said...

Lacey ~

I found your blog when I searched for info on the Memory Works event in June. I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I'm hoping to find out what type of classes are offered from your past experience. Are they a mix of layouts and projects? Has MW given any hints on this year's classes?

You can email me at hhb1974@hotmail.com or comment on my blog: www.laughoutloud-heather.blogspot.com

I appreciate any info - thanks so much!!


PS - I'm bookmarking your blog so I can check it out tomorrow after I get some sleep!